Etools Enews Manager

Web Prophets email marketing solution  is called Etools Enews Manager. Etools is a powerful email delivery system which provides you with the control to add, edit and deliver email campaigns to your audience.

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Real Time Email Evaluation

View and update your campaign statistics with one button click.

Statistics include:
    • Whom you have emailed
    • How many emails were delivered and viewed
    • Who viewed your campaign including date and time of viewing
    • Which links to your website were clicked and how many hits did each page get
    • How many emails bounced, who bounced and why
    • How many and who unsubscribed

All statistics are shown in feature rich graphical representation, with summary views that click through to precise details on each campaign.

Design Flexibility

Make your email campaign stand out by incorporating text and images. Include direct links to your website to encourage readers to visit your website. Use templates that we provide, add your own or get Web Prophets to design a template for you.

Create Connections

Maintain contact with your customers - use email to inform and get informed

Utilise the optional 'Forward to a Friend' link and our 'personalisation' code so that you can individually address each recipient in your mailing list.

Be anti-spam compliant

Maximise the number of your emails viewed by your audience by minimising the potential for your email to be blocked as SPAM.

Web Prophets assist with compliance to the SPAM Act 2003 by adding your company name and postal address to each campaign. Our Enews Manager also has an auto unsubscribe feature.

Manage your Contacts

Your customer contacts are stored in our secure hosting environment.

Select who you would like to receive your enewsletter by taking advantage of our 'groups' feature. This provides the ability to have a number of 'virtual' mailing lists. We provide you with the freedom to create/edit/remove your own groups.


Campaign Management

You have the option of managing the campaign yourself, having your designer manage them or using the services of our experienced team.