Drupal CMS Development

Web Prophets has been building Drupal CMS (Content Management Systems) since 2007. Drupal is an extremely powerful CMS which is available through the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL). This license provides you with the freedom to share and change all versions of a program.

The benefit of using a CMS available through the GNU GPL is that there are hundreds of web developers around the world who contribute to extending the capabilities of the CMS; these extensions are called modules and you can find a list of them on the Drupal.org website. By these web developers contributing to the 'development community' the CMS product becomes stronger and better, and everyone who is part of the community benefits as a result.

Web Prophets effectively 'distributes' this software to you, when you pay for our services you are paying for:

  • our design work for your website
  • setting up of the core Drupal CMS and any required modules to extend the functionality of the website you require (e.g. shopping cart or an events calendar)
  • any customised development you require to ensure that the Drupal CMS meets your exact requirements
  • test and debugging the Drupal CMS
  • hosting of the Drupal CMS on our servers (if we are your website host)
  • any support you require after the ‘30 days free support’ which comes with our initial works on your website project

You do not pay for the rights to use the software itself.

Using Drupal CMS for your website will provide a strong foundation to add new functionality as your requirements grow, as well as providing a platform and scripting base which is widely supported by the web development community.

Additionally, utilising Open Source software allows for the development of your website without any proprietary hooks into a web development or hosting company. This means, that at any time, if you choose to host your website with a third party, you will be able to move your site without losing any website functionality.