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NFP Grant Application Form

Every year Web Prophets awards up to $2500 in grant support for IT technology projects.


In general there are between 2 and 4 grants awarded each year. This grant is open to any Not-for-Profit organisation that operates within Australia but requires a formal application (please refer to online application form below).

Our Terms and Conditions are as follows:

  1. This grant is for pro-bono work completed by Web Prophets staff (no cash payment is involved).
  2. You can apply for a grant for the following services supplied by Web Prophets - Web Design, CMS Development, Email Hosting, Website Hosting & IT Support services (or a combination of these services).
  3. The grant must be expended within the year it is granted; the grant program operates on a financial year basis - i.e. from 1st July 2014 until 30th June 2015.
    If you are awarded the grant and if for any reason your project did not commence in the year it was awarded; or is not completed in the year the grant is awarded due to delays of delivery of material from your organisation the grant will expire. You can re-apply for the grant for the following year; but there is no guarantee that you will be provided with the grant again. If you are unsuccessful in attaining an additional year to complete your project, Web Prophets will release to you any works that are completed at the 30th June of that year.
  4. You can only re-apply for the unfinished portion of your project (e.g. you cannot apply for consecutive grants of the same value).
  5. Preference is given to clients of Web Prophets who have previously engaged us on a professional fee paying basis.
  6. Any successful relationship is centred around mutual benefit; as such any applicant for the web grant should be able to demonstrate how the grant will be beneficial to both parties e.g. a project using new technology which will help Web Prophets Staff learn new skills, promotional and recognition opportunities.


NFP Grant Application Form


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