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Amnesty International

AM-UNITY is an online magazine highlighting current issues through the activism of Amnesty youth across Australia.
The Project: 

Amnesty International is a global organisation that is committed to defending people who are denied justice or freedom. The AM-Unity magazine was created by members of the Victorian University students population who are interested in discussing issues around local and international human rights. The magazine has a permanent team but also welcomes submissions from external writers, artists & photographers. The magazine is designed as a platform to talk about Amnesty International's campaigns, empower young people who are concerned about human rights issues and connect like-minded people on issues that they care about. The first publication launched in October 2013.

Key features that AM-Unity cared about when considering a new website was design, showcasing feature articles from each edition, space to display the AM-Unity YouTube channel and a great collection of photographs.

The Solution: 

AM-Unity approached Web Prophets in late 2014 for a new, fresh design for their website.

As part of initial discussions and realising funds were tight, Web Prophets offered one of its $5000 annual grants to the AM Unity team to ensure that all of the website objectives could be met.

With a bright design and limited navigation structure; the website looks relatively simple on first glance. However, some thought was required on how to profile each edition, the amazing photos and videos that aligned with specific articles and featured articles as well. Within each edition; a click through to Issu was required; but also the capacity to profile 1 main and several minor articles from each issue - effectively setting up a new portal page for each edition which links through to Issu for the main articles.

The website has been created using Drupal AGOV as its foundation; ensuring that Accessibility is built into the DNA of the project.

Creative Design / Drupal CMS Development / Website Hosting
"AM-UNITY Magazine now has a website it can be proud of thanks to the generosity of Web Prophets. They understood the financial limitations facing a not-for-profit organisation and were very patient, helpful and quick to respond. The website they have created for us is easy to navigate, professional and looks amazing. The team at AM-UNITY are extremely grateful for all their help and all the work they have put in."
Emily Williamson
Editor-in-Chief, AM-UNITY Magazine