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State Library of Victoria

The Australian Learning Lecture (ALL) brings big ideas in education to national attention. The decade-long project is designed to strengthen the importance of learning in Australia for all Australians.
The Project: 

On the 21st May 2015 the Koshland Innovation Fund and the State Library of Victoria will be presenting their first Australian Learning Lecture (ALL). The first of five planned lectures spanning 10 years; the lecture series is designed to spark debate about education and learning in Australia.

In December 2014 Web Prophets was commissioned with the task to build the website for ALL. With a tight timeframe; it was all systems go to ensure a speedy launch in February to help promote the impending Inaugural Lecture.

The Solution: 

The main challenge for this project was creating a website for a new initiative - we are just not quite sure yet how ALL will evolve; the next year or so will be an exciting time as we see how the lecture series is greeted by the community and what opportunities will arise as a consequence. As a result this required Web Prophets to be creative with the current content; but also to leave flexibility within the development so that we can easily scale the website over the next year or so to meet the needs of new content and to engage a broader audience.

Web Prophets built the ALL website on Drupal's AGOV distribution model. This allowed us to meet another of the main requirements of the project which was to ensure that the website was as accessible as possible for all site visitors. AGOV is a solution designed by Australian web development agency; PreviousNext. Now adopted as part of GOVCMS - AGOV comes ready to meet a lot of the challenges created when trying to make a website WCAG AA compliant.


Drupal CMS Development
"Web Prophets worked with the Australian Learning Lecture to create a site that not only meets our immediate online needs but also takes into account the project’s 10-year lifespan. Their Drupal expertise, ability to interpret our requirements effectively and collaborative approach were invaluable in delivering our website within a very tight timeline."
Aimee Said
Web Coordinator, State Library of Victoria