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Uninterrupted - MS Australia

Uninterrupted - Personal stories about the realities of MS.
The Project: 

Uninterrupted is a project by MS Australia to create a online community for people with MS, their family, friends and carers. They have the ability to connect and share their stories and find out more information on MS and it's symptoms.

The Solution: 

The main focus of the Uninterrupted website is for users to be able to share their personal stories and to connect with other people with MS. Web Prophets developed a blog style website which allows for multiple bloggers to have their own account and create posts whenever they like. The site also has commenting features and each user can create their own profile with information about themselves and links to their social media accounts for others to follow. User's also have the ability to 'Bookmark' posts which are saved in their profile area for future reference.

Web Prophets built the Uninterrupted website on Drupal's AGOV distribution model. This allowed us to meet another of the main requirements of the project which was to ensure that the website was as accessible as possible for all site visitors. AGOV is a solution designed by Australian web development agency; PreviousNext. Now adopted as part of GOVCMS - AGOV comes ready to meet a lot of the challenges created when trying to make a website WCAG AA compliant.

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