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The Walking Company

Street, off road, work and lifestyle shoes.
The Project: 

The Walking Company already had an ecommerce website established when they approached Web Prophets. The site had been set up some months earlier but needed a face lift and a bolder ‘call to action’ for potential customers.


The Solution: 

Web Prophets created a completely new website design to focus on promoting website sales; as well as upgrading the website ecommerce platform.

Some of the main features implemented on the website include:

  • dynamic promotional banners
  • latest arrivals on home page
  • New navigation by shoe type & brand
  • Side filters to easily narrow product offerings down by size and colour
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Introduction of Paypal payments processing

Creative Design / Drupal CMS Development / eCommerce / Email Marketing / Website Hosting
"Good working business relationships and partnerships are more important today than ever before. in this digital age of business, it is impossible for all of us to have the adequate knowledge and understanding of the systems and technologies, that not only allow us to run our businesses, but ensure we remain viable and competitive in an ever changing landscape. Having trust with these partners is paramount. This is something that I value greatly and am proud to say, all of these things is something I receive from The Walking Company's partnership with Web Prophets. Web Prophets really allows us to punch above our weight, and present bigger than our ‘boots’."
Danny Isaacs
Director, The Walking Company