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We can guide you through the process from original concept, web specification documentation through to an online marketing strategy.


  • Prior to forming Web Prophets, Jim was the Project Manager responsible for the rolling out of the Public Transport Corporation’s extensive security network, a project worth $20+ million with hundreds of staff and subcontractors.

    Joining Julia in 1999 to create Web Prophets; Jim’s primary role as Operations Director is to ensure that our hosting platform retains its secure and robust reputation that our Clients know and respect. Jim is our secret weapon that we can depend on to deliver the best solutions for our Clients utilising his extensive knowledge of hardware, security, virtual systems, databases and programming.

  • Julia launched her first web development business in 1995; back in the early days of source coding when online databases were touted to be the ‘cutting edge’ technology that was set to revolutionise business in Australia. How the world has changed!

    Her career has included running IT projects for some of Australia’s largest institutions including Canberra School of Art, Institute of the Arts (ANU), Institute of Engineers, National Library of Victoria and St Vincent’s Health Australia.

    Now with over 20 years business experience, as Managing Director, Julia brings extensive knowledge of web systems and capabilities with a keen focus on delivering workable user friendly solutions for our clients.



Generally our planning sessions are held at your business premises; and depending on the size of your project can take from 1 session to 3 sessions to complete.

Each session is a maximum of 4 hours in length and cover all aspects of your IT requirements including hosting solutions and web/APP deployments.

Enquire today or call 1800 010 255 to book in a time.



From the scoping sessions, Web Prophets completes a website specification document. This document covers in detail the requirements for every page, every activity and every function required in your website to make it work for you.

The specification document includes

   • comprehensive sitemap
   • description of each area/page of content and associated functions
   • Appendices (which explain different user scenarios/access controls)



From the website specification Web Prophets can then develop a wireframe of your website. A wireframe is a visual schematic of the framework of your website. A wireframe displays the page layout including interface elements such as navigation and content areas; it focuses on what a website does not what it looks like. The main components of a wireframe can include:

    • Content - the placement of information on the website

    • Navigation - focuses on the ordering, phrasing and positioning of website menus which facilitates how a site user moved from one piece of content to the next.

    • Interface - implementation of elements into the design which makes the usability more successful for users.

Once the wireframe is completed it is recommended that User Accessibility testing is completed to ensure that the website is easy to use and access by its target audience.