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Web Prophets owns and maintains all of its own infrastructure providing us with the power to oversee any online environment that you host with us from a macro through to a micro level.

Our monitoring services include a broad range of services - contact us today to discuss any of your support or monitoring requirements.



Creation and implementation of Google Analytics onto your website including the setting up of goals, tracking and automatic reporting providing great nights into your websites performance.
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Account creation and linking to Google Webmaster Tools, including submission of your sitemap to Google Search. The Google Search Console is useful for monitoring the health of your website and managing your sites appearance in Google Search results.
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All sites in Australia should now comply with the Federal Governments website accessibility standards. Even without this requirement; you should consider that 20% of Australians have some sort of disability - your website being non-compliant could be hampering your audiences connectivity to your website. Simple tools are available to complete a basic test of your website - we can run these tests and help you fix these issues on your website or you can test yourself at:

or Enquire Today for Web Prophets to do the work



Get a run down of your website performance. This Audit report includes site responsiveness including mobile version/responsive theme, site speed, accessibility, structured data testing as well as checking Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools registrations. (If your website was designed by Web Prophets - we complete all of these works for you as part of the initial works.

At the end of the testing we send you a complete report advising you of the outcomes and any fixes that we recommend.
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Do you feel something is just not right on your web application. Enquire today to get Web Prophets to do a check and monitor your site and help identify the issue.
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