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10 Web Tips

Some pretty simple tips to make sure you are not an 'easy-target'.

Email is not a secure form of communication; never share sensitive information such as credit card information; documents with your signature on it. Always protect your computers from viruses, worms, Trojans and unwanted SPAM / phishing scams etc.

10 Web Tips

The Internet was originally designed to transfer data between trusted sites. Unfortunately trust now appears to be in short supply.

There are plenty of people out there that would rather 'take' than 'earn'.
Even worse are the ones who do it 'just because they can'.
Below are some tips for protecting yourself and getting back on your feet WHEN the worst happens.

Before we begin, I know that most people would rather get a root-canal than deal with security type stuff.
However, we all have to do things we don't particularly enjoy.

Please have a read but if you think this is too hard maybe just go back to Tip #3 and find an IT person to deal with this for you.

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