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VPS Hosting

Web Prophets commits to the design, implementation and management of VPS solutions that are created to fit your organisation’s exact needs.

If you have the people/expertise to manage the process yourself, we will provide you with the tools and assistance to set up. If you don't have the time/resources to manage your infrastructure, we can manage it for you. Just let us know what works best for your business and we will do the rest.



All our Premium VPS solutions include the following:

  • a fully-redudnant network, including switches, routers and network storage
  • High Availability (HA)
  • Choice of different storage Tiers including SSD, SAS and SATA disks
  • Daily snapshots/backups
  • VMWare or XenServer hypervisor



Various barebones server options are available to suit your needs.

They can be configured as standalone servers with local storage or grouped into a Private Cloud where you can share resources amongst the different servers.

Server Options include:

  • options for different generations of CPUs
  • storage options including SSD, SAS and/or SATA available as local storage or as SAN storage
  • choice of VMWare or XenServer for the hypervisor



Our working process has been developed over the past 17 years of business practice meeting requirements ranging from single-server development environments through to complex business-critical application stacks with DR in a geographically separate location.

Our methodology has been designed on the foundation of strong communication skills and complete transparency guaranteeing that you have influence over each key stage of the development and production life cycle.

All of our data is kept on-shore within Australia’s geographic region. As such, we guarantee your data will not leave Australia, unless of course you send it there yourself as part of your own business strategy.

Our goal is to assist you to:

  • build productivity by freeing up staff resources thereby allowing you to focus on core business processes
  • rest easy knowing your infrastructure is on a fully redundant network, separated geographically with options of High Availability and Business Continuity if required for your business critical systems
  • grow confidently knowing you are supported by our team of experts



Ability to achieve a smooth transition

We will commit a dedicated team of skilled professionals to ensure a smooth migration to our network.


Scalability and robustness

Our solutions have weathered different scenarios and consistently provide our clients with scalable and robust solutions.


Value for money

We offer the best deployments that your budget can afford.


Defined service levels

Our structured service levels are designed with the flexibility to meet the simplest to most complex organisations structures including Cost Centres


Breadth of vendor services

We have over 17 years history building our team and business systems to ensure we serve the best solutions back by a broad range of services.


Australian owned and run

We are 100% owned and run in Australia by Australians


Disaster Recovery

We have a range of Disaster Recovery options available to meet your requirements. these range from backup/restore for data that is not mission-critical or doesn't involve transactions,  through to clustered solutions spread across 2 geographically separate Data Centres.