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The Anatomy of a website development project

5 May 2015

I know at times it looks like what website designers and developers do is black magic. So, to explain everything we do when Web Prophets creates a website for you we thought we would look at the last 7 websites we created. The chart below is a break down of the time and build components for these projects.

About the projects we reviewed
The projects varied in size; some were very small and others quite complex. None of the projects were online shopping carts (a story all to its self with additional requirements); however some of the larger sites contained Ecommerce components such as Membership payments and online Donation Forms. None of the websites we reviewed contained Member login areas; being primarily public facing information based websites.

Under the chart you will find a quick itemisation of the types of work involved for each area.

Components to a web development project with Web Prophets

Components to a web development project