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In July 2018 Web Prophets completed the purchase of RedyHost; a web hosting platform that specialises in hosting for Drupal and WordPress websites. RedyHost has been hosted within Web Prophets Data Centre infrastructure for the past 7 years; as such the migration of business services and customer accounts has been a seamless process.


On the 1st July 2018 the .au name space was transferred to a new registry. The migration involved the transfer of 3.1 million domain names to a new registry and national domain name infrastructure.

10 Web Tips

Here some tips on how to register a domain name and more importantly how to pick the right domain name for your business.

If you are registering a ‘’ domain name you will need:

  • A Registered Business Name or Company Name that is similar to the name you want to register. For example AB CD Pty Ltd can register
  • A Registered Business Name Number or Company Number

If you are registering a '.com' or any other US Based Domains Name you don't need either of the above two items.

10 Web Tips

Register your own domain name. This will also protect you if you ever need to change your Internet Service Provider as you will always be able to keep your Domain Name Email Address (i.e.

Make sure you set up your email address properly so that when you send email addresses the receiver sees This will provide a professional image when potential and regular customers see your email (believe me I know a lot of businesses that don't do this even though they own their Domain Name). You can normally set this up in the Tools > Accounts menu of your email browser.

Here are 10 tips to help you with managing your emails, aliases, email signatures and SPAM.

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