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April 2015 Mobile Usage Snapshot

29 April 2015

In April we completed a quick review of mobile usage based on websites we have designed & developed over the last couple of years.

In our review we looked at the analytics of the last 50 websites Web Prophets developed.

We broke these down into 10 sectors - which are the main areas we work within. Below are the outcomes of our research (all data is for the period 29th March 2015 - 28th April 2015)

Our review showed that consideration is required for mobile and tablet devices when designing a new website specifically for sites targeting-

  • supporters of charities and/or the clients of charities
  • ecommerce sales
  • education sector
  • general consumer audience

Tablets were not as widely utilised as mobiles; but combined average visitation using a tablet and mobile for the month was around 35% for these sectors.

As expected the B2B, National Associations and Travel sector were the industries that had potential customers least likely to visit their website from a mobile device. These 3 sectors  are generally information rich websites which are used for research purposes and as such it is more likely to be visited from a dektop platform. However, the average mobile & tablet visitation to these sectors was over 10% of their overall site visitation for the month; a significant percentage which should not be ignored when trying to engage your whole potential market.

Breakdown of each sector and website visitation based on device (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)

What devices are being used?

When we drilled down into the data the top four devices being used to view these website were iPhones at 45%, iPads at 24%, Samsung at 5% and a myriad of other android devices making up the remaining 26%. It is without question; if you are on a tight budget, and wondering which device you should be targeting for mobile that the Apple products are far ahead of Android devices with almost 70% of market share please note: a well developed responsive theme should target the majority of platforms).

General notes on sectors:
B2B covers general service industry (accountants, lawyers, recruitment agencies etc.)
B2C covers sites targeting general consumers but not conducting ecommerce transactions; these are generally informational websites.