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Keep cool this summer

7 February 2014

Melbourne and most of the South East of Australia is now experiencing what the west has been feeling over the last week. Our sympathies go out to all of those unlucky people sweltering with no air con in their lives - here are our most favourite tips for keeping cool:


  Do it Yourself Air Conditioner
Fill a metal bowl full of salted ice (water & salt 70/10 ratio frozen); place a fan in front of the bowl and adjust the fan so that the air is blowing over the ice.
As the ice melts the air cools around them; the salt helps to drop the frozen water temperature lower than normal water.
  Watermelon and Mint Slushy
About 1/4 of a medium seedless watermelon
1 lime
1 small bunch fresh mint leaves

Ice cubes Cut the watermelon in chunks, and feed into your food processor, alternating with lime (rind and all) and mint. Add ice cubes, and blend until slushy consistancy. Pour into glasses, top with a mint sprig and enjoy!

  Wrist Therapy
Run cold water over your wrists for 10 seconds - simple but can keep you cool for up to an hour
  Window Shopping
Now is a great time to visit Chadstone/Melbourne Central, State Library, NGV or go to the movies and cavort around in air conditioned bliss.
  Wear Natural
Wear loose cotton clothing; it is much cooler and less sweatier than synthetics. Take off those socks and shoes; now is the time that thongs come into their own.
false   Water Spritzer
Keep a spray bottle of water in the fridge and spray yourself or your best friend whenever it gets too much.
  Turn the coffee machine off!
Seriously; turn off anything that generates heat - kettles, lights, computers...
  Wash the house
Not very PC, however if you are desperate for some nighttime relief this week - hose the walls of your home down this evening this will drop the heat emanating into your house by a few degrees.