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Supporting Aboriginal people and communities to stem suicide and trauma
The Project: 

Thirrili is a not-for-profit organisation that addresses Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suicide prevention and postvention. Web Prophets was asked to help Thirrili with branding, brochure design and website design, development and hosting. The website core focus is to support mental health care workers in regional areas, assist families and friends, as well as provide a resource for staff and support workers.

The Solution: 

The new Thirrili website contains lots of information for the variety of site visitors that depend on this critical information including new and existing clients, researchers, critical response team workers, staff and board members.

Built in Drupal 8, the website includes:

  • Private resources area with documents which can only be accessed and downloaded with a login. What each user has access to is based on their user role which is managed by Thirrili's manager.
  • Publications, resources and case studies which are available to the public. 
  • News, events and press releases covering what's going on at Thirrili and in the media
  • Board and staff profiles
  • Online donations for both once off donations and recurring monthly donations
Creative Design / Drupal CMS Development / Website Hosting